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TSR Photo Manager + Portable

TSR Photo Manager - отсортирует тысячи фотографий в считанные минуты, а не за дни и приведет ваши фото в порядок. Также может переместить фотографию в одну или нескольких каталогов или пометить ее для удаления. Очистит и исправит фото, проведет редактирование обрезки и применения фильтров.

Sort trough thousands of photos in minutes instead of days and get order to your photo mess. Move a photo to one or multiple directories or mark it for deletion. Cleanup and fix your photos with the build in support for cropping and applying filters.

Your benefits

Save your time TSR Photo Manager is quicker than anything else
Free up space delete thousands of images in minutes instead of days
Get organized sort all your unsorted photo libraries
Clean up mark images for deletion, and move them to the recycle bin,
Beatify and cleanup photos with build in support for cropping images
Personalize your photoalbums each image can be moved to multiple directories, this way you can make one folder for your mother and one for yourself.
No hassel Easy to use and free trial version available for download.

Год выпуска: 2013
Операционка: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Интерфейс: EN
Статус: Free for personal use
Размер: 7.9/12.6 Mb

TSR Photo Manager + Portable
TSR Photo Manager

TSR Photo Manager Portable

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