Easypano EPublisher 1.00.130815

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Easypano EPublisher 1.00.130815

Вам нужно опубликовать захватывающую панораму в виртуальном туре Flash/HTML5/QTVR/SWF? Это программа для пользователей, которые уже имеют делать панорамные изображения без панорамной съемки. Easypano EPublisher способна опубликовать сферические и цилиндрические панорамы в флэш, HTML5, QTVR, SWF виртуальные туры. EPublisher поддерживает пакетную публикацию до 300 панорам в Flash/HTML5/QTVR/SWF виртуальных туров с различными функциональными компонентами. Она также поддерживает преобразование между кубическими и сферическими панорамами.

Do you need to publish panoramas into Flash/HTML5/QTVR/SWF virtual tours? Do you need an immersive panorama viewer? If so, here are the solutions for users who already have photo stitching software without panorama publishing feature and panorama viewer. Easypano EPublisher is able to publish spherical and cylindrical panoramas into Flash, HTML5, QTVR, SWF virtual tours. Besides, if you always hover between spherical panorama and cubic panorama, this panorama publisher and viewer can also process the switch of 300 pairs of panoramas.

Main Features of EPublisher:

Advantages of EPublisher

Easy publishing panorama into Flash / HTML5 / swf / QTVR panoramic virtual tours
300 spherical or cylindrical panoramas Batch publishing
Multifunctional components supporting, such as Progress Bar, Control Buttons, Ceiling & Floor logos, Google Maps, and Backgroud Music in the virtual tours
Batch spherical and cubic panoramas interconversion

Flash VR, HTML5, SWF and QTVR Panorama Publishing
EPubilisher supports batch publishing panoramas into various formats virtual tours at one time, including Flash VR, HTML5, Standalone SWF and QTVR, thus allowing users to view immersive virtual tours on iPhone, iPad, Android 4.X devices and PC.

With the same concept of Panoweaver Pro, EPublisher also supports progress bar and control buttons, adding Ceiling and Floor logos,etc. With this new program, you will be able to create up to 300 panoramic virtual tours in minutes.

Support Source Image: Spherical, cylindrical and cubic panoramic images in JPEG, PNG, TGA, TIFF and BMP formats

Batch Publish
If you would like to share more stitched panorama with your friends on facebook, EP-Sky, or your website, publishing panoramas into panoramic virtual tours with EPublisher would be more efficient. This professional panorama viewer and publisher supports publishing 300 panoramas at once, making your virtual tour creation and viewing simpler and faster.

Batch Spherical/Cubic Panorama Conversion
If you often need to convert spherical panoramas into cubic panoramic images, EPublisher also would be a good choice. With this batch photo converter, you can free switch between spherical panoramas and cubic images.

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Операционная система: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8.
Язык интерфейса: Multilanguage / Английский
Размер: 36.95 Mb

Easypano EPublisher 1.00.130815

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