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Easypano Tourweaver Professional 7.90.140903

Easypano Tourweaver Professional 7.90.140903

Tourweaver представляет собой инструмент для быстрого создания профессиональных виртуальных туров, в котором удачно сочетаются широкие функциональные возможности с простотой и удобством работы. Программа позволяет объединять панорамы, равно как и иную информацию, в виртуальных турах. В программе поддерживается импорт панорам, созданных в других сшивателях. Например, можно импортировать цилиндрические панорамы, полученные в Panorama Factory, или панорамы, сгенерированные в 3D-пакетах, в частности в 3D Studio Max. Кроме того, возможен импорт панорам с цифровых панорамных камер Kaidan’s 360 One VR, Panoscan, RoundShot и др.
Основные характеристики Tourweaver 7:
• Отображение улиц/городов на картах Google. Горячие точки и кнопки действий могут добавляться к двух- и трехмерным картам Google, к двухмерным картам можно также добавлять полигональные горячие точки. В HTML5-туре поддерживается отображение улиц через карты Google.
• Загрузка видео на Facebook. С помощью Easypano Tourweaver 7 удобно загружать на Facebook виртуальные туры для доступа к ним заинтересованных пользователей.
• Связывать вместе сферические панорамы, цилиндрические панорамы и видеокадры/фотоснимки, чтобы создать основанный на вэб виртуальный тур;
• Визуально делать настройки;
• Устанавливать дорожки к туру для контроля над распределением времени и связного контроля над виртуальным туром;
• Разрабатывать множество интерактивных карт с эффектом радара;
• Виртуальные туры HD AVI. Виртуальные туры можно экспортировать в формате HD и воспроизводить на ТВ и других устройствах. Виртуальные FLV-туры также поддерживаются.
• Виртуальные туры HTML5 для iPad/iPhone/iPod. В данной версии поддерживаются цилиндрические панорамы.

Leading features of virtual tour times
HTML5 Virtual Tour for Android and iOS
Html5 virtual tour can be viewed on tablets and smart phones, including Android devices and iPad/iPhone. More features, such as Gyro effect, firefox and chrome, etc, are supported in Html5 virtual tour. Check out the differences between Flash and HTML 5 tours.

Are you still complaining about the crawling speed when loading your virtual tour online? It’s time to speed up. JpegXR, supported in virtual tour software, Tourweaver7.5, guides you into a fast-paced virtual tour zone.

Fly-out media
If you would like to draw viewers’ attention onto any item in your virtual tour, fly-out it. Fly-out media, a new feature in virtual tour software, Tourweaver7.5, helps to view the virtual tour in detail.

Gyro effect
Would you like to "drive" your virtual tour, feeling like locating into the virtual tour? Gyro effect, supported in Tourweaver7.5, our latest virtual tour software, makes the virtual tour rotate automatically when your hands move.

Hotspot perspective effect
Are you dedicated to creating virtual tour that is extremely close to reality? If so, you must be very frustrated when the hotspot is floating above scenes. It just doesn’t looks like real. Hotspot perspective effect, supported in our virtual tour software, can help you.

GPS data is used to locate your scene on Google map in this virtual tour software. You can know the longitude and latitude of scene as soon as it is imported into virtual tour software. Thus, the virtual tour can be more interactive with reality.

Main features of virtual tour software Tourweaver 7 include:
Functions comparation chart between HTML5 and Flash tour

Google/Bing Map
Both maps are supported and hotspot and action can be added in professional edition of Easypano virtual tour software. Google street view is supported in HTML 5 tour only. Google map is available to those who have alread had valid Google map API keys.
Share on Facebook
Just by a few steps, you can share your virtual tour on Facebook with your friends. Easypano provides free hosting at www.ieasypano.com for users of Easypano virtual tour software.
FLV for Loading Window
You can use FLV file in loading window. With this feature in professional edition of virtual tour software Tourweaver, the tour won't play before the FLV has finished playing.
Hotspot and Radar
Hotspot / Polygonal hotspot can be added to scene, map and Google map in the professional virtual tour software. Radar can indicate and show the location of the scene on map andthe position of the scene currently being played.
Selection tool
Normal and Flash thumbnails, Listbox and Combobox can list virtual tour scenes for selection view. Not only scenes, but also map and movie can be listed in the virtual tour created by Easypano virtual tour software Tourweaver.
Popup Window
Popup window helps to make virtual tour more interactive. Almost all the tour components can be added on popup window, and place a button on MainWindow to trigger the popup. This is really great feature provided by professional edition of virtual tour software only.
Media components
Flash and Video can be used to show rich content. Flash (*.swf) and Video (*.flv) can be added to virtual tour skin (on MainWindow), popup window and scene image.
Description components
Use Text, Image and TextArea to show information. They can show description for each scene, map, movie and component hint as well as trigger various actions.
3D Object
With this newly edition of virtual tour software, 3D modeling object is supported in Popup window and Main window. It should be in the format of .3ds.
HD AVI Virtual Tour
You can export, with professional edition of Easypano virtual tour software, your virtual tour into High definition video format, which can be played on your TV and any other displays direcly. FLV virtual tour is also supported.
Multilingual Tour
You can add six languages to the same tour: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Italian. This is the newly added feature by Easypano virtual tour software Tourweaver.
Virtual tour formats
With the help of professional virtual tour software, Flash VR and Swf can be easily inserted in your webpage. Standalone exe can be burned to CD and sent to your clients. HTML5 virtual tour for iPhone/iPad
Customization of right-click menu
Company Name and website address can be added to right-click menu of the virtual tour created by professional edition of Easypano virtual tour software. This is quite helpful for leading more visits to the specified website.

Open AS API and JS API
In this version, some API and JS API have been open, which enable you to further customize your virtual tour without limit.AS API - JS API

Control buttons
Buttons, movie controller, compass,speed controller and sound controller (new feature in 6.50) are supported.Various actions can be applied to button.

Day to Night
Experiencing "Day to Night" or "Seasonal Transition" in same place

Что нового в версии 7.90.140903?
[+]Poping up PDF file is supported in Button, Image, Hotspot and Text
[+]More style selections in Thumbnail, Loading Window, Hotspot, Radar and Tool Bar
[+]HTML5 format Support WebGL player
[+]Action with "Walk through" effect is added for HTML5 tour
  • Optimize Fly-out Media window style
  • Optimize image loading speed to 30% after checking "Slice Display" in publish panel
  • Visual components like Flash, Video, Compass, Sound Controller and Speed Controllers
    And other friendly features...

    Версия программы: 7.90.140903
    Год выпуска: 2014
    Оф. сайт: www.easypano.com
    Язык интерфейса: Eng
    Лекарство: crack
    Платформа: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
    Размер: 160 Mb

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    Easypano Tourweaver Professional 7.90.140903

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