Wordaizer 3.5.94 (Rus|Eng)

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Wordaizer 3.5.94 (Rus|Eng)

Данная программа позволит из набора слова создать изображение. Вы можете либо сами задать нужные слова, либо выбрать сайт и оттуда автоматически будут собраны наиболее часто используемые слова. После вы получите узор из слов, благодаря встроенным фигурам можно выбрать нужную вам или создать свою, а можно просто показать рисунок программе и на его основе будут собраны слова. Слова можно раскрашивать, изменять размер букв и их стиль.

Wordaizer: from text to word cloud with a twist
World clouds have become very popular. Thanks to the Wordle javascript (www.wordle.net) anyone can make a beautiful picture with words. There are however some drawbacks, such as the Wordle picture can not be saved (directly) and because of copyright modifications or alterations of the Wordle application is out of the question.
Word clouds are playful and it is very attractive way to show text. Here we offer yet another application to the list of our creativity tools: Wordaizer. This new application offer the possibility to tune, shape, create, print and save any word cloud that you can think of.

with Wordaizer you can:
Create word clouds
Apply masks to create precise word cloud shapes
Be surprised: a random word cloud generator
Save and print the resulting picture
Save and load projects to repeat a word cloud

Great News: Wordaizer 3.5 has been released! Most important new features (see also the four examples 85-95 further down this page):
Tremendous increase of speed.
Unicode at last! Almost all earth's languages can now be used.
Exciting new word placement options like as circular, wave and crossword.
Fully redesigned uncluttered user interface with floating windows.

Our 2014 contest
We are always looking for exciting new features to add. Something that you always wanted to find in the Wordaizer application. The most exciting feature request will be rewarded with ONE YEAR of free use of all our APP Helmond applications!
So... what are you waiting for? Download our software and e-mail us your great new feature (and for which application). End of submission: December 20, 2014.

Some example pictures
We have made some example pictures. Hover over the picture to see a larger version. Click on the picture to see the full version, or download ('save picture as'). We have selected only a few examples, and the possibilities with Wordaizer are endless. For more information please read the help file that comes with the installation.

Wordaizer is a freeware application
As with all our products, we provide applications that are free to use. We are grateful if you want to share your suggestions for improvement or if you experience a problem: please let us know.
with Wordaizer you can:
Create word clouds
Apply masks to create precise word cloud shapes
Save and print the resulting picture
Video: create exploding and imploding word clouds
Save and load projects to repeat a word cloud

What's new in version 3.5 build 94
Small correction in the picture mask
A bug in the two-font mask feature has been solved
Now also pictures can be used to define the wordlet shape
The old 2.4 engine is no longer supported

Версия программы: 3.5.94
Год выпуска: 2014
Оф. сайт: www.mosaizer.com
Язык интерфейса: Rus | Eng
Лекарство: В комплекте
Платформа: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
Размер: 11,5 Mb

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