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proDAD Vitascene Pro v2 - обновленный набор уникальных плагинов для создания стильных и красивых переходов, эффектов и фильтров в видео ряде.
Задействует при просчете эффектов ресурсы GPU (graphics processing unit) видеокарты, что значительно ускоряет работу. Плагин специально создавался для профессионалов ищущих профессиональное качество в минимально короткие сроки. Работает в режиме реального времени с настройкой по ключевым кадрам. Реализована поддержка 64-битных систем.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.x, CS6
Adobe After Effect CS5.x, CS6
Adobe Premiere Elements 1.0 ... 10.0
Sony Vegas Pro 9, 10, 11
Avid MediaComposer 5.5, 6.0
GV Edius 5,6, 6,5

VitaScene V2 Pro builds on V1?s trendsetting transition and filter technology, setting the bar even higher by delivering a host of powerful new effects in stunning broadcast quality. VitaScene V2 Pro includes over 600 fully customizable effects that can be used independently and are rendered super-fast by a graphics card?s GPU. Works great with Adobe? Premier Pro CS5 and Sony Vegas Pro 64-bit versions.

Amazing movie effects, fascinating rays of light, glamorous light bulb dimming, magical glitter, and much more may be used as transition effects, or mood filters in scenes, with text, or even with your own logo!

Miniature Landscape Effects
Maybe you would prefer a mini-landscape effect, also known as tilt-shift effect, which is available to you with a single mouse click. Create your own awe-inspiring artificial worlds quickly and easily.

New Light Filters
- New light filters offer the right lighting for every scene:
- Create in your films reflections with gleaming light, a romantic mood with color-or light/ dark changes, dynamic or epochal atmospheres.
- Your most important scenes can be presented with a spotlight effect, or animated and perfected with a simple keyframe.

Paint Effects
- Style your clips as watercolors, a drawing, or simply with a 3D look!
- All this is quick and easy using VitaScene V2 Pro and the included video filters!

Picture Optimization
VitaScene V2 uses highly efficient algorithms, which enable you to salvage old or imperfect recordings. Adjust contrast, brightness, and focus, in shortest amount of time, and with the click of the mouse.

VitaScene V2 Pro professional - uncompromising - fast- interactive efficient
- Professional Effects perfect display super fast GPU processing efficient handling
- All this is VitaScene! V2 is even more extensive.

Over 600 movie compatible effects for
- Lighting with light sources
- Impressive light beams
- Gleaming, glowing and reflections
- Optimizing of contrasts and focus
- Optimizing of color and brightness
- Beveling and impressive text effects for title and logos
- Usable as filter as well as transition

Superfast rendering, HD or SD projects
- Easy to use
- Extensive use
- Extensive plug-in support of popular editing programs
- Optimized and compatible for 64-bit NLEs

What's new:
Adjustems for Adobe Premiere
Premiere CS: issue Copy/Paste fixed
Premiere CS6 and AfterEffects CS6 support
Adjustments for Edius 6.5 S3D Video

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.x, CS6
Adobe After Effect CS5.x, CS6
Adobe Premiere Elements 1.0...10.0
Sony Vegas Pro 9, 10, 11
Avid MediaComposer 5.5, 6.0
GV Edius 5,6, 6.5

System requirements:
VitaScene Pro and LE
Minimum: Windows?XP SP2, 2GB RAM
(Recommended: Intel?Core i7+Windows 7
64-bit, 6GB RAM)
Video card with 512MB RAM and Shader Model 3

Год выхода: 2013
Операционная система: Windows 7/Vista/XP/8
Разрядность: X86(32 bit)
Язык: English
Лекарство: присутствует (Keymaker-CORE)
Размер файла: 121,89 Мб

 ProDAD VitaScene

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