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Adele B - Presenting (144 HQ JPG) Photoset

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Фотосет: Adele B - Presenting
Формат: JPG
Количество: 144
Разрешение: 4992x6668
Размер: 576,38 MB

Возраст: 20
Цвет глаз: зеленый
Тип: блондинка
Рост: 164 см
Вес: 50 кг
Размер Груди: Маленький
Замеры: 87/60/89
Страна: Российская Федерация

Bio: I like the romance. I worship to stare the starry sky. All that can awaken the desire to create - I get from the Full Moon. I really like it, at all. The moon is something mysterious and exciting
That attracts most of us! Once, I wish to appear in the space and become the 1st man, who made the first “Cosmic -French Kiss” during the History of our World.

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