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Indiana A - Laleme (140 HQ JPG) Photoset

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Фотосет: Indiana A - Laleme
Формат: JPG
Количество: 140
Разрешение: 5616x3744
Размер: 637,76 MB

Возраст: 23
Цвет глаз: голубой
Цвет волос: бордо
Рост: 170 см.
Вес: 48 кг.
Размер Груди: Маленький
Замеры: 90/60/90
Страна: Российская Федерация

Bio: I study in at the university. I will be an administrator. I like to travel to different countries, France, but I would like to visit the USA. My favorite place is Paris. I Also like sports and I have been practicing swimming for the last 3 years, together with my other friends, that also pose for MET ART. I go to the gym quite often, and I love cats.

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