» » Ibiza Golden Sunset Chillout Sessions (2013)

Ibiza Golden Sunset Chillout Sessions (2013)

Ibiza Golden Sunset Chillout Sessions (2013)

Исполнитель: VA
Название диска: Ibiza Golden Sunset Chillout Sessions
Жанр: Chillout
Год Выпуска: 2013
Количество треков: 33
Время Звучания: 170 min
Формат | Качество: mp3 | 320 kbs
Размер файла: 409 mb

01. Milews - Cafe Del Mar Dreams (Ibiza Mix)
02. Suite Unique - Beach Talk (Live Groove Mix)
03. Debora Vilchez - Tell Me
04. Noel - Chalito (Ambient Mix)
05. Florzinho - Happy Rainbow Dub
06. Flo Rence - You Should Never Know (Baiha Del Mar Mix)
07. Soleil Fisher - Where The Lights Go Down
08. Swinging Sunlight - Flying In Circles (Balearic Chill Guitar Mix)
09. Lullaby Lounge - Sunset Chill Del Mar (Blank Relax Mix)
10. Rainman - Riding On A Cloud (Extended Ibiza Mix)
11. Julie Garland - Waiting For You
12. Deja 7 - One More Night (Summer Night Chill Mix)
13. Emeli Birdy - What You Gonna Do (Soul 2 Sax Mix)
14. Cafe Del Chill - Sunset Beach Of Love (Islands Chill Mix)
15. Blue Lagoona - Follow Me (Feat. Io Vita)
16. Delor - Lost Senses (Sunshine Reggae Mix)
17. Sofa Groovers - Voyageur (Beach Instrumental)
18. Soleil Armada - When The Sun Goes Down (Big Chill On The Beach Mix)
19. Lea Perry - Dubby Sunset Sky At Cafe Del Mar (Ibiza Beach Mix)
20. Thomas Lemmer - Deep Water (Pure Electronic Mix)
21. Sleepingroom Armada - Hope (Feat. Inocencia Comas) [Easy Erotic Groove Lounge Mix]
22. Unit Chill - No More No More
23. Ragi Del Mar - People Of Ibiza (Sunset Chillout Cafe Mix)
24. Mathieu & Florzinho - Deixe O Sol Entrar
25. Atrium - How To Pray (Lounge Hotel Cafe Costes Mix)
26. Urban Lounge - Chilling With The Stars (Feat. Defy Jef) [Crusin' Kandi Mix]
27. Brilliant Star - Pink Blue Hotel (Balearic Chill Guitar Mix)
28. Soleil Fisher - Beautiful Skies (Roxy Lounge Mix)
29. Califonia Girl - Can See The Light (Beachside Mix)
30. Merge Of Lounge - Universal Island (Relax And Chill Summer Beach Mix)
31. Atrium - Thoughts In A Bottle (Dreamchaser Mix)
32. Eivissa Playa Ensemble - Es Vedra Magic Sunset (Afterhour Seaside Mix)
33. Binary Dreamer - My Island Of Ibiza

Ibiza Golden Sunset Chillout Sessions (2013)
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