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Roughkast - Start A Ruckus (2013)

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Artist: Roughkast
Title Of Album: Start A Ruckus
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: Scratch and Dent Records
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, College Rock
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Time: 42:49 Min
Total Size: 105 Mb


1. Ruckus
2. Good Morning
3. Do You Wanna Dance
4. Little Rain Cloud
5. Underwater
6. What To Believe
7. Monster Masquerade
8. Stepping Stones
9. Road To Canterbury
10. So Long

Roughkast - Start A Ruckus (2013)
Of the bands out to articulately embody the bombast of rock and roll, Roughkast is one to watch. With their take-no-prisoners riffs and beats and strong passion for real, raw, rock and roll, front men Nick Calderara and Joey Campanello are ready to take the world by storm.
Old rock and roll with a new age spin, they’re not content with playing just a single style. Roughkast changes the sub-genre of rock they play with every song, from shoe-tapping surfer rock to biting punk rock to heavy blues, they love it all and they play it all.
And don’t expect any self-pitying, wallowing, mopey rock here. “We want to build people up,” says Campanello, “not tear them down or help them wallow in their depression.” High energy, high hopes and big dreams are what they believe in, and it shines through in their music.
The duo met in the summer of 2012 and, after realizing they shared a common love for Foo Fighters and all things Classic Rock, started jamming. Jamming soon turned into songwriting, and Roughkast was born. Within three months of becoming an active band they already played and rocked a Lone Star talent show, shook the floors at Fitzgeralds, and played at the Houston Hard Rock Café not once but twice as finalists in the Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands. They are currently promoting their brand new album "Start a Ruckus".
Rock and roll is not dead, it is immortal. And with their heart-pounding drums, hooky riffs, and sweeping melodies, Roughkast is determined to help carry the rock and roll torch through the next generation.

Roughkast - Start A Ruckus (2013)

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