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Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown – Wild Child (2013)

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Artist: Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown
Title Of Album: Wild Child
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: Carved Records
Genre: Rock, Blues Rock
Quality: Mp3 | Flac
Bitrate: 320 kbps | Lossless
Total Time: 42:26 MIn
Total Size: 110 Mb | 313 Mb


01.Fools Gold
02.Lipstick Wonder Woman
03.Cold Heart
04.Downtown Tonight
05.Say a Prayer
06.House That Jack Built
07.Last One Leaving
08.Still Young (Hey Kids)
09.You Got Me Baby
10.House On Fire
11.Where I Want You
12.Poor Boy's Dream

Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown – Wild Child (2013)
“Wild Child” is the debut album from the Tennessee rock and roll band Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown and it’s safe to say it is a bit “wild.” Okay, not the best pun in the world but seriously, these guys have some chops.
From the opening track entitled “Fools Gold”, the listener is immediately entrenched in the soulful, guitar screaming rock and roll sound that make Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown such a refreshing band in today’s often muddled mainstream sound. I say that because Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown are heavily influenced by the likes of Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Winter and it’s not very often we hear of young rock and roll bands imitating that sound. Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown manage to do this successfully while infusing more modern rock sounds making “Wild Child” an impressive freshman effort.
Tyler Bryant himself wastes no time in letting us know why Jeff Beck brought him a long to tour with him back in 2011 or why he was featured in a 2009 documentary entitled “Rock Prophecies”, along with Slash, Jeff Beck and Santana. He is quite skilled with his lead on guitar and demonstrates his raw abilities throughout, none better than on track ten’s “House on Fire” which is as fast paced a song on the album, or on the roughneck blues sounding track seven “Last One Leaving” which is the album’s first single. The band of course is more than just Tyler though, as the “Shakedown” also features Graham Whitford (son of Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford) on rhythm guitar who provides plenty of catchy riffs to keep most satisfied.
Tyler is more than just a lead guitarist and he proves that he is a capable songwriter as well. His lyrics are nothing that we haven’t heard before, but he sings about what most any 21 year old guy would sing about; partying, good times and girls.
Vocally, Tyler has a fun upbeat sound that fits the band nicely. He is capable of slowing it down with soft vocals like on the final track of the album “Poor Boys Dreams” but has no issue letting it rip as evident on “Lipstick Wonder Woman”.
Wild Child clocks in just at 45 minutes with 12 tracks that offer a variety of different guitar sounds, riffs and melodies to keep most interested from start to finish.

Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown – Wild Child (2013)

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