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The Baxters - Equinox (2013)

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Artist: The Baxters
Title Of Album: Equinox
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: Self
Genre: Rock, Progressive Rock, Modern Rock
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: V0 VBR
Total Time: 40:21 Min
Total Size: 95 Mb


01.St Helen
02.The Tide
05.Equinox II
08.Call to Arms

The Baxters - Equinox (2013)
From the beginning The Baxters have been the result of opposing forces. Rattling bass complements fluid guitarwork. Pulsating drums align with rhythmic strumming. Lead vocals sail over harmonies. Naturally it made sense that Equinox would be born from these impulses and elements. Forged of a desire to create songs that both encapsulated the vintage fury of riff rock from the past as well as fluid, delay ridden modern sensibilities, the album came together over the winter of 2012 into the dawn of 2013. Just as in a true Equinox, the days and nights recording the album felt equally short and long, stretching practices into evenings and sessions early into the morning. The process began much as the band did, beginning with Taylor and Justin’s rhythm section, played onto scratch tracks that were once demos from Quinton. Layers intersected and wove into each other as Scott added vocals, and were finished finally with their backing. It was only a year ago or so I was helping load gear before being asked to fill out the band, and not long after St. Helen was born on scrap paper before a gig. Since then riffs have become parts, growing into melodies and choruses. Ten songs arose from the melding of our influences, crystallized in a basement and captured in these recordings. Through the tension and excitement of every crescendo and break, from the mountains in St. Helen to the sea of Theseus, an Equinox emerges, composed of five equal parts. In the end, our opposing forces can become our most defining features, our greatest allies, and this album is no exception. We only hope that you love these songs as much as we do.

The Baxters - Equinox (2013)

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