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Hidden Masters - Of This And Other Worlds (2013)

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Artist: Hidden Masters
Title Of Album: Of This And Other Worlds
Year Of Release: 2013
Label: Metal Blade Records
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: 240 kbps avg
Total Time: 41:03 Min
Total Size: 80 Mb


1. Hidden Masters – She Broke The Clock Of The Lon
2. Hidden Masters – Into The Night Sky
3. Hidden Masters – Perfume
4. Hidden Masters – See You In The Dark
5. Hidden Masters – Last Days Of The Sun
6. Hidden Masters – There Are More Things
7. Hidden Masters – Nobody Knows That We’re Here
8. Hidden Masters – Like Candy
9. Hidden Masters – Grey Walls Grey
10. Hidden Masters – Fall In Line

Hidden Masters - Of This And Other Worlds (2013)
Lovingly pinched from Brandish: In case it has escaped your attention there is a bit of psych revival going on at the moment with thousands of bands from all across their world aping their 60s heroes in creating trippy, yet hook-filled soundscapes.
A lot of those bands take the easy route and splice a dreamy melody to a driving beat before drenching it all in howling feedback. Not The Hidden Masters though. For Scotland’s finest Psych band plunder just about every late 60s genre to produce a very imaginative and ambitious sound that really doesn’t have much else in common with any other bands at the moment.
They seem to have swallowed the Brit Psych rule book whole and lesson one in said book is that each tune should be chocka with so many twists and turns that the listener really doesn’t have a clue what to expect next. To aficionados this means mini pop symphonies like the Pretty Things finest moment ‘Defecting Grey’ or even Dantalion’s ‘Chariot’s Madman Running Through The Fields’, who featured a pre-Police Andy Summers on a bewitching guitar solo. In many ways almost half of the tracks on this the band’s debut sound like they are attempting to create psych versions of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.
As well as Of This And Other Worlds being ambitious it is also brilliant too. The trio know how to take their influences – think Da Capo era love as well as Chocolate Soup Brit psych – whack them in the aural blender and come up with something that sounds both familiar and unique – surely the holy grail for intelligent pop music in 2013.

Hidden Masters - Of This And Other Worlds (2013)

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