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Deep Lounge Deluxe Vol.1 (Lovely Deep-House Vibes) (2013)

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Deep Lounge Deluxe Vol.1 (Lovely Deep-House Vibes) (2013)

Artist: VA
Title of Album: Deep Lounge Deluxe Vol.1 (Lovely Deep-House Vibes)
Release Date: 2013
Label: House of House
Genre: Electronica, House, Deep House, Chill House
Tracks: 25
Playing Time: 02:39:30
Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Total Size: ~404 Mb


01. Gods Blue Chest - Sad
02. Five Seasons - Troubadelles
03. K2 Project - Beachtrip (Dance Groove Remix)
04. Mirage of Deep - The Cradle of the Sun (Instrumental Version)
05. Tafubar - The Wicked Thoughts of (Pete Phunk Afternoon Rhodes Mix)
06. Dany Cohiba, Groove Salvation - Tonight
07. Serwo Schamutzki, Kosta Aldente - Pocos Bajos (Aaron Bingle Remix)
08. Gaba Milani - Miami Nights
09. Piano Night - Feel the Groove Tonight
10. Francesco Demegni - Baby On You
11. Synapsis - Alluring Force (Riccicomoto's Deep Session)
12. Darko De Jan, Marga Sol - I Feel Love
13. Dany Cohiba, The Henchmen, Pryce Oliver - Better Divine (Jerk House Connection Remix)
14. Eva Pacifico - Caliente (Jacob Bech Remix)
15. Donnie Branco - Tell Me a Story (Riva Marina Mix)
16. Ariane Blank, Albena Flores - Paired Steps (Christian Nagel Remix)
17. Wander Sa - Walking the Floor Over You
18. Beach Lovers - Focus (Sabbiablanca Deep Mix)
19. Stiva Carlberg - Be Angry (Quiet Fish Remix)
20. Teddy Richards - Miami Deep (Martin Lacroix Remix)
21. Ariane Blank - I Carry You Deep in My Pocket (Ifunk'up Remix)
22. Ruslan Rebell - Boom House (Manna Croup Remix)
23. Metronomic Soul - Come On
24. Channel Two feat. N'FA Nofixedabode - Beyond 2012 (Helly Larson Remix)
25. Jean Claude Bergier - Deep Ipnosy (Club Lovers Mix)

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Deep Lounge Deluxe Vol.1 (Lovely Deep-House Vibes) (2013)

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