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Full On Vox Vol.2-3 (2014)

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Full On Vox Vol.2-3 (2014)

Artist: VA
Title of Album: Full On Vox Vol.2-3
Release Date: 2014
Label: Music Is The Answer
Genre: Club, House
Tracks: 30 + 30
Playing Time: 06:41:48
Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Total Size: ~970 Mb

Full On Vox Vol.1 был опубликован в прошлом году 1.07.2013, поэтому не вошел в эту подборку.
См.: Full On Vox Vol.1 (2013)


01. Jerry Ropero, Eddy Cabrera, Isak Mo Firepower - After Dark (Andy Sih a Remix)
02. Sam Skiiz, Dany Cohiba, Inusa Dawuda - Hardcore Freedom
03. Santy Molina - Up & Down (Vocal Mix)
04. Cosmic Funk, Chandler Pereira - Get Your Hands Up! (Fine Touch Remix)
05. Edhim, Martin Villeneuve - House Music Will Never Die
06. Santy Molina - The Energy (Vocal Mix)
07. Danny Dove, Susie Ledge - Goodbye (Club Mix)
08. Francesco Gomez, Lety - I Get No Sleep
09. Mario Chris, Anthi Pashi - Summer Times (Extended Vocal Mix)
10. Marc One, Dendrityx - The Break
11. Tom & Jerry, Tom Novy, Jerry Ropero, Abigail Bailey - Touch Me (Argento Remix)
12. Dim Chris, Sebastien Drums, Polina - Sometimes I Feel (Avicii's Out Of Miami Mix)
13. Francesco Diaz, Young Rebels, Shena - Addicted to My Dreams (Full Vocal Mix)
14. Rafael Diefentaler, Michael Zhonga - Light the Fire
15. Coco Fay, Jolie Lassen - Let It Go (Extended Version)
16. Ellroy Clerk, Russian Nick, Tim Silent, Leo Luganskiy - Another Game
17. Dashka, Laura Aqui - Run You Down
18. Alex Berti, Majuri - You (Chemical Nature Project Remix)
19. Tom Tash, Pretty Pink, Max C - Here We Go Again
20. Mike Ivy, Nimo Iero, Leah Delgado - Let Go (Ellroy Clerk Remix)
21. Kwan Hendry, SoulCream - Don't Give Up (Mike Candys & Kwan Hendry Club Mix)
22. Clubworxx, Jerry Ropero, Senait - Be With You
23. Joseph Armani - Miss Music (Adrian Bood Remix)
24. Tune Brothers, Polina Griffith - Diamonds (Vocal Mix)
25. Subsneakers, Stas Satsura - You Can't Escape (Extended Vocal Mix)
26. Mike Ivy, Nimo Iero, Leah Delgado - Let Go
27. Shaye, Algranati, Elaine Gibbs - If You Want Me (Samwize & I.D.F. Vocal Mix)
28. Haxent, Louise Brown - Explicit (Vocal Mix)
29. Mike Ivy, Nimo Iero, Leah Delgado - Let Go
30. Filipe Guerra, Jullie - After All (DJ Fist Remix)

01. Nacho Marco feat. Sharon Romine - Lose Control (Rob Nigro Remix)
02. Parfenov & Balkov - You'll Say I Do (Duher Remix)
03. Levan Kay & Gary Caos feat. Elenice - Don't Look Any Further (Hazzaro Remix)
04. Jerry Ropero & Michael Simon feat. Kathy Brown - Ocean Drums (Alexdoparis Remix)
05. Groove Addix, Henri Sanrame & Mastercris feat. Monia Amore - Stuck With Me (Raul Rincon Piano Mix)
06. Kid Shakers feat. Alexandra Prince - Sending All My Love (Niko De Luka Remix)
07. Locktown & Alexandra Prince - Alive
08. Richard Grey feat. Sir Charles - I Believe (Richard Grey Pacha Remix)
09. Sandy Vee - Back Again (Extended Vocal Mix)
10. Mike La Funk feat. Corey Andrew - Music Is Life (Peter Brown Remix)
11. Jerry Ropero & Eddy Cabrera feat. Terri B - Soul Heaven
12. Shadow Stars, Lucas Reyes & Gosha - Ms. Spears (Johnny Bravo Going to Maledives Vocal Mix)
13. The Groove Ministers, Fran Ramirez & Mich Golden feat. Eryan - Ave Fenix (Fran Ramirez & Mich Golden Club Mix)
14. Martin Dhamen feat. Simon Haze - Encore
15. Moussa Clarke & Sums feat. Corey Andrew - We Belong to the Sound (Extended Vocal Mix)
16. Louie Corrales - Music Is My Life (Corrales Vocal Mix)
17. Jorge Jaramillo & Sarah Tancer - Liars Game (Extended Vocal Mix)
18. Mike La Funk feat. Max'C - Don't Wanna Be Alone (ATFC Remix)
19. daZZla - Sounds of Zen (This Is Ibiza)
20. Houston Project feat. Ronen-bar - Funky Feelin' (Combo Mix)
21. John Jacobsen feat. Alex Tojar & Chipper - Everything Is All Right
22. Youri Alexander & Woody - Lovin You
23. Peter Brown - Go Down (Wise D & Kobe Remix)
24. Twisted Punks feat. Darren Brookes - The Real Thing
25. SL Curtiz, Lucas Reyes & Rio Dela Duna feat. Michelle Martinez - No No, Not I
26. Tom Legend - Prophecy (Vocal Extended Mix)
27. Manuel Baccano feat. Stevie T. - Amorous (Vocal Mix)
28. Subsneakers feat. Stas Satsura - You Can't Escape (Extended Vocal Mix)
29. Tobias Schulz feat. Kathi Monta - Feel Free (Vocal Mix)
30. Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels - Into the Night

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Full On Vox Vol.2-3 (2014)

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