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Floating on a Bed of Stars (2014)

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Floating on a Bed of Stars (2014)

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Floating on a Bed of Stars
Жанр: New Age, Instrumental
Год выпуска: 2014
Кол-во композиций: 29
Битрейт: 320 kbps
Размер: 298 Mb

01. Johann Kotze - Floating on a Bed of Stars (New Age) [Contemporary Instrumental]
02. Joe Griffin - In the Court of the Sky Queen (Chinese) [Chinese New Age]
03. John Rabbit Bundrick - The Pain (Dramatic) [Romantic Music]
04. Mantas - Adilene (Classical) [Classical Piano]
05. Mantas - Relaxing Waves (Electronic) [Dark Ambient]
06. Randolf Smeets - Mun (The Imagination) [Classical] [Classical Piano]
07. Musical Mandalas - Mountain View (New Age) [Meditation]
08. Cari Live - Ding Dong (Christmas) [Xmas New Age]
09. Sandeep Khurana - Meditation Yoga Sounds (New Age) [Nature]
10. Michael Hennig - Transfiguration and Enlightment (Spiritual) [Inspirational]
11. Pete Bax - Song Birds Sing (Birds) [Bird Calls]
12. Azamayn - Outer Orbit (Electronic) [Ambient Pending]
13. Urban Chant - Ave Maris Stella (Spiritual) [Gregorian Chants]
14. Dewey Dellay - Yoga Massage 2 (New Age) [Atmospheres]
15. Johann Kotze - Ethereal Chime (Electronic) [Drone Music]
16. Stein Thor - Snowflakes (Classical) [Classical Piano]
17. Ramazan Yuksel - Sunset (Electronic) [Psybient]
18. Musical Mandalas - Autumn Seance (New Age) [Meditation]
19. Kyiv Chamber Choir - O Lord, Hear My Prayer by Dmitry Bortnyansky (Spiritual) [Orthodox Christian]
20. Sergei Shell - Dawn of a New Awakening Crystal Ships of Time (Spiritual) [Inspirational]
21. Musical Mandalas - Stream Side (New Age) [Meditation]
22. James Gray - Middle East Underscore (Middle East) [Contemporary Dramatic]
23. Morgana - Dream (New Age) [Self-Help]
24. Michael Keck - Global Mist (New Age) [Ethnic Fusion]
25. Sandeep Khurana - Yoga Music for Healing (New Age) [Nature]
26. Kevin Webster - Reflections (Dramatic) [Dramatic Solo Piano]
27. Azras Habit - Fig Marigold (Spiritual) [Inspirational]
28. Don Garbutt - Floating in Eternity Part 1 (New Age) [Atmospheres]
29. Xavier Boscher - Oreolys (New Age) [Contemporary Instrumental]

Floating on a Bed of Stars (2014)

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