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Christoph Spendel - Back to the Eighties Vol.1-3 (2014)

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Christoph Spendel - Back to the Eighties Vol.1-3 (2014)

Artist: Christoph Spendel
Title of Album: Back to the Eighties Vol.1-3
Release Date: 2014
Label: L+R Records
Genre: Nu-Jazz, Lounge, Jazz
Tracks: 79 (3CD)
Playing Time: 07:25:31
Quality: mp3 | 320 kbps
Total Size: 1.03 Gb (+5%)


01. Bytom Funk (feat. Chris Hunter)
02. Banana Republic (feat. Jeremy Steig)
03. Snow On the Red Car (feat. Axel Fischbacher)
04. Chaka
05. Minimal Samba (feat. Milky Way & Randy Brecker)
06. Cold Exit (feat. Axel Fischbacher)
07. Columbus Circle (feat. Michal Urbaniak)
08. Dance of Giants
09. Eilat (feat. Steve Kahn)
10. Freeway Encounter
11. Ice Palace (feat. Milky Way & Ray Gomez)
12. Latin Circus
13. Magic Sundown
14. The Mysterious Bookshop (feat. Milky Way & Randy Brecker)
15. Pismo Beach (feat. Axel Fischbacher Quartett)
16. Words of Desire (feat. Annie Whitehead)
17. Queens Plaza (feat. Annie Whitehead)
18. The Next Day
19. Six Silent Steps
20. Rainbow Melody
21. Skate Away
22. Evening Song
23. Song for Christina
24. City Jazz (feat. West End Avenue)
25. New Terms (feat. West End Avenue)
26. Salisto (feat. Annie Whitehead)
27. Thoughts

01. Mr.Cameo (feat. Bill Evans)
02. Midnight (feat. Chris Hunter)
03. Nacht Cafe (feat. Axel Fischbacher)
04. New York P.M. (feat. Bill Evans)
05. Ofra Haza (feat. Milky Way & Urszula Dudziak)
06. Otto's Magic Bus (feat. Michal Urbaniak)
07. Out of Brooklyn (feat. Milky Way & Ray Gomez)
08. Piano Graffity
09. How a German Carnival Should Be
10. Radio Exotique (Dedicated to Mr. Joe Zawinul)
11. Suite 11F
12. The Hugo Update (feat. Jeremy Steig & Anthony Jackson)
13. Manhattan Candlelight
14. White Cars (feat. Chris Hunter)
15. Galvanized Trilogy
16. Secret Thoughts (feat. West End Avenue)
17. Brooklyn Be Bop (feat. West End Avenue)
18. Rain (feat. Annie Whitehead)
19. True Fantasy
20. Fast Moving Dawn
21. Slow Traffic (feat. West End Avenue)
22. Yellow Car (feat. Die Dozenten)
23. The Question
24. Homesick (feat. Reuben Hoch, The RH Factor & David Liebman)
25. Queens Calypso (feat. West End Avenue)
26. Winds (feat. Axel Fischbacher Quartett)

01. Monday in July (feat. Annie Whitehead)
02. Back Home (feat. Axel Fischbacher Quartett)
03. Downtown (feat. Annie Whitehead)
04. Etanos
05. Ballad for Thelonious (feat. West End Avenue)
06. Lost Race
07. Salsalito (feat. Die Dozenten)
08. Ten Years
09. Saturday (feat. Axel Fischbacher Quartett)
10. Zack! (feat. Die Dozenten)
11. Dancing with Your Own Shadow
12. Night Flight
13. Carly (feat. Annie Whitehead)
14. Sixty Three (feat. Michael Sagmeister)
15. Cafe Cactus
16. September Mood
17. Talking to the Wind
18. Lonely Hours (feat. Axel Fischbacher Quartett)
19. Ready for Take Off (feat. Annie Whitehead)
20. Panamericana (feat. Die Dozenten)
21. Ten Years (feat. Michael Sagmeister)
22. Sunrise (feat. Michael Sagmeister)
23. Tapsi Strikes Again (feat. Annie Whitehead)
24. Melodic Adventure
25. Running Free
26. Silent Evening

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Christoph Spendel - Back to the Eighties Vol.1-3 (2014)

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