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Michael Juan Nunez - Rise (2016) FLAC

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Michael Juan Nunez - Rise (2016) FLAC

Artist: Michael Juan Nunez
Title of Album: Rise
Release Date: 2016
Label: © 2016 ParishLine Records
Genre: Blues-Rock
Tracks: 10
Playing Time: 46:18
Quality: Flac (tracks) | lossless (~950 kbps)
Total Size: 325.7 Mb

The new highly anticipated album 3 years in the making from Michael Juan Nunez. Produced by A.J. Dauphin and MJN, this record is gender bending, exploring many different facets of American roots music, all brought together as only Michael Juan can. 9 new originals and one new version of an original first released on "My Little Train Wreck".
The album brought together some of the best talent in the Hub City area. The bed tracks captured by Grammy Award winning engineer Tony Daigle, from there MJN took the 'Live In the studio tracks' and turned them into a 3 dimensional headphone soundscape, yet still kept the mixes raw and urgent. Nunez's guitar playing takes a slight back seat to his growing songwriting, but make no mistake, what might pass you by in the first few listens, will eventually catch your ear as you realize the album is filled with some amazing, and creative guitar lines...some in your face with huge tones... some more subtle, but never the less creative and boundary pushing. want proof? look no further than the intro to the opening track 'Betta'. Those aren't synth, and it isn't studio tricks...that's a fuzzy guitar that was tracks live as is.


01. Betta
02. Come into the Light
03. Lost It
04. Trouble
05. Burning
06. Lemonade
07. B.L.T.L.O.
08. Human
09. Nickel Roll
10. Devil's Daughter

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