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FoolishIT D7 10.0.18 Portable

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FoolishIT D7 10.0.18 Portable

FoolishIT D7 - продвинутый инструмент для выполнения многих усовершенствований системы, имеет сотни настроек параметров, в том числе в автономном режиме или как помощника Malware Removal.

Особенности программы «FoolishIT D7»:
1. Редактирование и восстановление реестра
2. Тестирование CPU / RAM
3. Сбор информации о системе
4. Проверка качества работы системы
5. Черный список, куда вы сможете отправить вредоносные процессы
6. D7 бесплатна!

FoolishIT D7 is a technical program computer , which provides an interface for user to easily perform a variety of settings in Windows and related tasks. FoolishIT D7 tool provides an overview of the entire system, from the version of Windows and antivirus installed. Its functions include online malware removal, repairing Windows, general maintenance of the computer, CPU and RAM, and operating system optimization, IP, data backup online, among other features.

At first startup, the FoolishIT D7 scans your computer to give comprehensive statistics on the computer for repair. The main interface includes tabs for Info, Maint, Repair, Tweaks, Malware, Offline, and DataGrab dSupport. The Info tab displays general information about the computer , what operating system you have, antivirus, CPU speed, etc..

FoolishIT D7 is a very extensive, it is recommended for use exclusive of technicians computer . You can damage your operating system unless you know what you’re doing. The details full operation are available on the website developers.


Increase your productivity and efficiency, save time and dramatically increase revenue
Provide your technicians with a uniform procedure to follow, ensuring optimal quality and work performance consistency

Capabilities include:

Virus / Malware Removal
Windows Repair and Maintenance
Data Backup
System Info / Reporting
Keeping all of your tools updated!

offline and live malware removal assistance via many internal and 3rd party tools
automatic download/extraction of 3rd party tools on demand when missing
offline and live registry editing with mass search & delete features
offline and live data backup/restore and direct data migration
CPU/RAM stress testing
information gathering and quality assurance uses
Operating System Branding
shortcuts to frequently used Windows components
quick access to frequently used Windows tweaks
numerous right-click context menu (in Windows Explorer) features for working with files and directories
wrappers / one-click execution options for frequently used command line tools
synchronization of MalwareScan definition files
automatic updates of all your favorite 3rd party tools via Ketarin
offline application of password removal tricks enabling you to gain access to password protected live systems

Год выхода: 2013
Платформа: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лекарство: не требуется
Размер: 6.4 Mb

FoolishIT D7 10.0.18 Portable
FoolishIT D7 10.0.18 Portable

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