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Windows AutoUpdate Disable 3.0 Portable

Windows AutoUpdate Disable 3.0 Portable

Windows AutoUpdate Disable - инструмент для быстрого включения или отключения автоматического обновления в системе Windows. Он также помогает точно настроить некоторые настройки Windows Update. Windows Automatic Updates сохраняет вашу систему в актуальном состоянии с помощью автоматической загрузки и установки последних обновлений. Однако это часто раздражает, как это нарушает вашу работу.

Windows AutoUpdate Disable is the free tool to quickly Enable or Disable Automatic Updates on your Windows system. It also helps you to fine tune some of the Windows Update settings. Windows Automatic Updates keeps your system up to date by automatically downloading & installing the latest updates. However this is often annoying as it disturbs your work and some times (crazy enough) updates happen in the middle of night.

In such cases, this tool will help you to quickly disable the Windows Updates with just a click. And later anytime, you can enable it back easily. Also typically, Windows Update Settings in Control Panel are disabled either due to corporate policy or by Administrator. So you will not be able to change Settings in Control Panel even though you have admin privileges. In such cases, you can use this tool to fine tune various settings allowing you to control when to download, install updates or restart the system.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Язык интерфейса: EN
Тип лицензии: free
Размер: 3.1 Mb

Windows AutoUpdate Disable 3.0 Portable

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