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priPrinter Professional Final

priPrinter Professional Final

priPrinter – великолепный драйвер печати, - виртуальный пред-принтер, который превращает вывод на реальную печать в настоящее творчество, где пользователи могут проводить допечатную проверку и внесение изменений в свои макеты, без сложных и дорогих продуктов промышленного уровня.

Встраивается на пути следования файла перед реальным принтером и автоматически запускает окно редактирования, ощутимой правки и дополнения документа различными элементами. Это и настройка вида страницы, добавление эффектов документу, точная обрезка документа, вставка новых графических элементов, количество страниц на одном листе, двустороння печать, компоновка брошюр и постеров, масштабирование, эффект "лупа" и многое другое. Что безмерно радует, это то, что выполненный интерфейс программы в современном стиле Office 2007 представлен на нескольких языках, включая русский.

priPrinter is a fast and very efficient print previewer and virtual printer. priPrinter can handle very big print jobs and may change them in many ways. For instance, priPrinter can put several pages onto one sheet of paper, apply watermarks or remove pages. priPrinter can help you with rearranging pages or jobs, removing margins and making text corrections. priPrinter can help you with generating PDF files with help of real-time preview and ability to optimize size of PDF files. PriPrinter offers support for printing to images, booklet and poster printing, duplex, zoom in/out and more! Using just your mouse, you can adjust margins and gutters in priPrinter by simply clicking and dragging, or remove blank spaces by cropping and cutting. You can even use priPrinter to save commonly used layouts and settings as themes, and produce forms from documents! Add an additional layer of protection to your documents with custom watermarks!

Why print directly to your printer and waste paper and toner? You can print your documents via priPrinter! With priPrinter you can be sure that your print job will match your intentions.

priPrinter Features:
priPrinter Professional Edition was built to meet the demanding requirements of business and technical professionals.
• Gives users simple, yet sophisticated functionality to create PDF documents right from print preview with just one click.
• Extends print preview with redaction and highlight tool.
• Advanced Text Correction. Build-in text editor with ability to change font attributes.
• Search and replace.
• Powerful automation platform.

Create PDF documents
It’s easy to create PDF document or send it by email using priPrinter Professional edition. Just print your document to priPrinter, assure yourself that everything is correct and in one click create your PDF file.

Need to make corrections?
With build-in text editor you are free to apply final changes to your documents even in case you can’t do it in your main application.

Remove sensitive information
You can remove text or graphics from printouts or PDF documents. It is easy to remove Social Security number, bank details!

priPrinter Server Edition is a network based print preview solution. With easy-to-use interface, amazing features and highly optimized internal design, it provides an unique ability to share single print preview and PDF publisher across network. Any user can print from network computer and this print job will be displayed on another, server computer.

What’s new in priPrinter 5:
Supported Systems: Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Languages: Arabic, Croatian, English, Francais, Deutsch, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nederlands, Persian, Polish, Spanish, Sweden, Russian. ( 2 September 2013 )
This release mostly related to Hungarian translation. Also it fixes several issues.
Hungarian (Magyar) localization is added.
Fixed an issue with starting priPrinter in silent mode together with script.
Reset command in system printer preferences dialog is fixed. Related to contents of script field.
Fixed an issue related to removing page background.
Unability to select another printer information file in Printer Options dialog is fixed.
Many changes related to size of controls in localized dialogs.

Дата: 2013
Платформа: Windows All
Интерфейс: Multilanguage / Русский
Лекарство: patch-keygen ZWT
Размер: 4,12 Мб

priPrinter Professional Final

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