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Synth Magic Zom Zom KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS | 1.44 GB

The Polymoog 280a is a classic synthesiser used by the likes of Gary Numan, Gary Wright, Wendy Carlos, Chick Corea, Jimmy Destri of Blondie, Geoff Downes of Buggles and Asia, Freeez ,Ralf H?tter of Kraftwerk , John Foxx on his album Metamatic etc.

Zom Zom Polymoog 280a is a sample library for Kontakt 5.2.1

This is a quote from Dave Polich(Major artist sound designer/production/programmer). 'As a sound designer who owned a Polymoog (1980), let me say this is the first Polymoog I've heard that actually sounds like the Polymoog. I'm very very familiar with the Polymoog's characteristic timbres (having spent so many months of my life trying to push it to do what it ultimately wouldn't, which was to sound like a polyphonic Minimoog) and this VI really nails it.'

'This is really a lot of fun for me. I'm a composer on the east coast of the US. I saw Numan tour supporting Cars, probably 1980. To say ZOM ZOM takes me back is a true understatement'. Mike McCoy via email.

My obsession with Polymoogs and synths began when I was kid and I got the album The Pleasure Principle by Gary Numan.

This is a library of a Polymoog 280a - Sampled using really high end converters.

Scripted to use very little CPU and Direct from disc streaming uses very small memory footprint.

I really wanted to do the Polymoog 280a justice and I believe I have with Zom Zom.

This is the definitive Polymoog 280a library. I have sampled Main outputs and Direct Outputs, to ensure you have all the variation in sounds of the real 280a. Every sound the 280a is capable of is here and with the extra features lots of new and exciting sounds can be created that all have that amazing Polymoog sound.

The Polymoog 280a is famous for it's Vox Humana sound which is amazing, but the 280a is so much more than the Vox Humana sound.

When I first got my Polymoog I thought the Vox Humana sound was the only sound I would be interested in - I was wrong. The sounds it makes are really very special and have graced so many albums over the years that you find yourself playing the sounds and thinking oh yeah that is off this album etc. It is a perfect keyboard for songwriters who want to add some great analogue and familiar sounds to their songs, or the synth pop music producer or synth experimentor.

All the classic sounds from this iconic synth have been reproduced and are easily selected from the front panel of the extensively scripted GUI. Every sound including VAR (variation) modes have been reproduced.

The Graphics have been designed by Anders Hedstrom (Flavours of Lime) - He has done an amazing job creating the front panels on this instrument.

The method of selection of sounds is exactly the same as the real Polymoog 280a and is as easy as pressing one of the blue buttons on the front panel. We added lots of extra's so you can also take the sounds and manipulate them with filters, LFO's etc which allows for some amazing Polymoog 203a type sounds to be produced. Included is an efffects section with convolution reverbs and a new batch of IR's for the reverbs from high end reverb units. There is a fantastic sounding tremolo effect which works really well with the analogue piano sounds.

The creation of this Kontakt instrument has really been a labour of love and once you play it you will realise how much has gone into creating this instrument.

I have really enjoyed making ZOM ZOM and I think you will really enjoy using it.



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