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JonDo v.0.9.57 (x86)

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JonDo v.0.9.57 (x86)

JonDo v.0.9.57 (x86)

JonDo v.0.9.57 (x86) | 1.03GB
Languages: English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Russian, Italiano, Svenska, Polski

Released the next release distribution correction JonDo - 0.9.57. Fixed bugs identified, updated batch basis. Jondo Live-DVD offers a safe, pre-configured environment for anonymous surfing on the net and many other tools of anonymity. Distribution based on Debian GNU / Linux. Online system includes a proxy for clients JonDonym, Tor Onion Router and remailer Mixmaster

Additional Information:
-- JonDoBrowser pre-configured for anonymous web surfing, Thunderbird with Enigmail for email, Pidgin for anonymous instant messaging and chat rooms.
-- Media player keeps anonymity metadata.
-- Present Toolkit for clearing documents and images and many other applications contained on the DVD.
-- Now the distribution applies only in version DVD.

In this updated version:
-- JonDoBrowser
-- TorBrowser
-- zuluCrypt
-- OpenSSL
-- GnuTLS
-- Tor
-- Strongswan
-- libavcodecs
-- Linux Kernel

-- English (English)
-- Deutsch (German)
-- Francais (French)
-- Espanol (Spanish)
-- Russian (Russian)
-- Italiano (Italian)
-- Svenska (Swedish)
-- Polski (Polish)

System requirements:
-- The minimum frequency processor - 1 GHz
-- 512 MB RAM or more
-- Monitor with 800 x 600 resolution


JonDo v.0.9.57 (x86)

JonDo v.0.9.57 (x86)


JonDo v.0.9.57 (x86)

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