» » SM White Label Grime WAV (3.12.2014)

SM White Label Grime WAV (3.12.2014)

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SM White Label Grime WAV (3.12.2014)

SM White Label Grime WAV (3.12.2014)

SM White Label Grime | WAV | 375 MB

SM White Label returns with one of our rawest, dirtiest and darkest collections ever. Packed with minimalist machine beats, menacing bass and twisted synths, Grime mines the boundary-pushing UK underground and strikes sonic gold with 400MB of soundsystem-shredding loops and hits for futuristic grime bangers.

What's Inside:

Drum Loops > Hard-hitting rhythms and banging broken beats loaded with slamming 808 kicks, stacked snares, industrial percs and trapped hats. Stripped stems offer peerless beat control.
Bass Loops > Subsonic assaults and filthy analogue tear-outs to work the basement vibe.
Synth Loops > Wonky squarewave jams, sliding oscillators and CPU-bleeps. Key-labeled for convenience.
Percussion Loops > Killer rhythm workouts packed with analogue slams, chip tune chirps and red raw hats. Load the kick and roll...
Drum Hits > Booming kicks, crunchy snares, razor-sharp hats and odd-ball percs for seriously banging beats.







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