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Advanced IP Scanner 2.4.3021 + Portable

Advanced IP Scanner 2.4.3021 + Portable

Advanced IP Scanner - быстрый, надежный и простой в использовании сканер локальных сетей (LAN) для Windows. Данная утилита позволяет пользователю собирать информацию о компьютерах в сети за считанные секунды. Возможен доступ ко многим полезным функциям в один клик мыши - удаленное включение и выключение компьютера, интеграция с Radmin и многое другое. Технология многопоточного сканирования позволяет осуществлять сканирование сотен компьютеров в сетях класса "B" и "C" за считанные секунды даже с медленным модемным соединением.

Advanced IP Scanner is a fast, robust and easy-to use LAN scanner for Windows. It easily lets you have various types of information about local network computers in a few seconds! It gives you one-click access to many useful functions - remote shutdown and wake up, Radmin integration and more! Powered with multi-thread scan technology, this program can scan hundreds computers per second, allowing you to scan 'C' or even 'B' class network even from your modem connection.

Features of Advanced IP Scanner:
· Fast and stable multi-threaded IP scanning: You can scan hundreds of IP addresses simultaneously and with great speed - on Pentium-based machines Advanced IP Scanner scans class "B" and "C" networks in a few seconds! You can configure Advanced IP Scanner to scan in many priority levels, set number of maximum threads and so on.
· Remote shutdown: This shuts down any remote machine with NT or Win2k operating system. You can use your default access rights or specify login and password to shutdown.
· Wake-On-LAN: You can wake any machine remotely, if "Wake-on-LAN" feature is supported by your network card.
· Group operations: Any feature of Advanced IP Scanner can be used with any number of selected computers. For example, you can remotely shut down a complete computer class with a few clicks.
· Lists of computers saving and loading: This enables you to perform operations with a specific list of computers. No problems - just save a list of machines you need and Advanced IP Scanner will load it at start up automatically.
· Radmin integration: This enables you to connect via Radmin (if it's installed) to remote computers with just one click.

ОС: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Язык интерфейса: EN + RU
Тип лицензии: FreeWare
Размер: 9.0/10.1 Mb

Advanced IP Scanner 2.4.3021

Advanced IP Scanner 2.4.3021 Portable

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