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Focusky Presentation Maker Pro 2.0.1

Focusky Presentation Maker Pro 2.0.1

Программа для создания эффективных, инновационных и вовлекающих презентаций для сетевого и не сетевого отображения. Focusky представляет наиболее впечатляющий и интересный способ комбинирования текста, фотографий, фигур, он-лайн видео с YouTube, видео клипов и Flash с вашей презентацией. Презентация отображается с анимацией, приближением/отдалением и путем смены слайдов. Это прекрасная альтернатива PowerPoint.

Основные функции:
• Эффекты масштабирования и панорамы
• Путь «поиска»
• Свободное масштабирование цифровой доски
• Доступность мультимедиа
• Он-лайн и оффлайн презентация
• Полный контроль
• Совместимость
• Простота и эффективность
• Простое редактирование

Zoom and Slide Based Presenting
Rather than being stuck in static slide of PowerPoint, your ideas are presented in a dynamic and fascinating way with zoom and span effect, like a animated movie.

Rich Media Presentation
Except text and links, multimedia including images, online YouTube video, Vimeo video, swf and flv video are available in software to express your idea.

Wide-open Electronic Whiteboard
Organize your brilliant ideas in a free scaling digital canvas rather than being limited in a finite editable area. Free to present and make the information visualized.

Offline & Online Presenting
The Focusky allows you to publish the creative presentation in either EXE or HTML format for offline or online displaying.

Path of Discovery
Rather than traditional slide to slide presentation, with more fun the zooming presentation lead the people down a path of discovery in mind mapping style.

Encourage Simpleness
Focusky encourages beauty and simpleness, helping maximize your information with least words and making the audience focus on the most important aspects of presentation.

Amazing tool to magic your presentation into memorable animation show
Introducing the most impressive and most fun way to creatively combine PowerPoint, text, photos, shapes, online YouTube video, video clips and Flash into your very zooming presentation. And to display the multimedia presentation in a more animated and attractive way with zoom and slide effect.

Show on one page and Ahead through a dicovery path
Rich pre-designed templates and themes
Focusky offers a rich set of beautiful templates and themes with pre-designed frames, which can be used to build different styles of presentations for diverse purposes. No design capacity required, simply insert your content! A engaging animated presentation comes out easily and quickly with Focusky templates and themes.

Import content from existing PowerPoint presentation
Object animation to make presentation lively
Do you want to make your presentation picturesque like a video? The new animation feature help you realize this. Focusky supports applying object animation for objects on each path step, which makes your presentation lively. There are tens of animation effects available in software, also you can arrange the animation orders easily.

Версия программы: 2.0.1
Год выпуска: 2015
Оф. сайт: www.focusky.com
Язык интерфейса: Eng
Лекарство: В комплекте
Платформа: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
Размер: 148 Mb

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