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herdProtect + Portable

herdProtect Anti-Malware Scanner - бесплатный сканер, использующий движки 68 антивирусных программ для обнаружения и удаления угроз. Облачная технология herdProtect не влияет на систему и предназначен для работы с установленным на ПК антивирусом.

herdProtect - не совсем антивирус, потому что не может просканировать весь жесткий диск. Программа определяет, какие программы и их компоненты будут запущены при включении компьютера и проверяет только их с помощью онлайн-антивирусов. Защиты в реальном времени на момент написания данного текста не было, разработчики вроде как обещают реализовать в будущем полноценную защиту. С нетерпением жду этого, потому что с таким подходом (бесплатность, удобство, простота) такой антивирус будет поистине бесценным.

herdProtect Anti-Malware Scanner is a fast and free Windows desktop program which detects malicious threats, spyware and adware by utilizing 68 industry anti-malware scanners. It has no impact on your system resources and uses the herdProtect cloud-based scanning engine. The scanner is a second line of defense and is designed to work perfectly with your existing anti-virus software (we highly recommend you use another anti-malware product with herdProtect). Best of all, it's FREE.

The scanner works by taking a snapshot of all the 'active' files on a user's PC. We generally define an active file as one that is currently executing on the system or has the ability to automatically execute by means of an auto-start procedure (such as an extension, task, etc.). This snapshot, is stripped of any personally identifiable details to make sure that the report is 100% anonymous and securely sent to the herdProtect servers to be analyzed. Upon arriving, the system quickly sorts the files as known or unknown entities. Known entities are then categorized based on the detections that were discovered when scanned by all 68 anti-malware engines. For known infections, these are then re-categorized based on the number of detections by each of the scanners and reported back to the user. All unknown files on the user's PC are then stripped of important metadata and sent to the herdProtect servers to be analyzed in real-time by each of these anti-malware scanners. Upon completion (which takes a 5 to 30 minutes), the reports are then sent back to the user and displayed in a final report. If any detections are discovered you can remove them from your PC with herdProtect's powerful removal technology.

Год выхода: 2015
OC: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8
Язык интерфейса: EN
Размер: 2.9/5.4 Mb


herdProtect Portable

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