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Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery

Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery

Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery - Программа для восстановления данных WhatsApp мессенджера. Позволяет восстановить удаленные, отформатированные или испорченные файлы непосредственно в мобильном устройстве при помощи iTunes резервных копий. Поддерживает сообщения, контакты, историю переписки и другие данные. Сканирование устройства и синхронизация с резервными копиями, в том числе и с iTunes копиями. Просмотр и выбор файлов для восстановления.

Key Features:
• It recovers contacts and all lost WhatsApp Message including individual conversions and group conversions.
• It recovers all data loss scenarios: accidental deletion, failed iOS update or jailbreak, factory reset, etc.
• Two recovery modes for your selection: Recover from iTunes backup or directly from iOS device without backup.
• Backup and Transfer your important WhatsApp Chats and contacts to PC.
• Preview before recovery and selectively recover lost messages and contacts, instead of all of them.
• Support all iOS Devices: iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s, iPad Air/mini 2/4/mini, iPod Touch 5/4.
• Support latest iTunes 11 and iOS 7.

When Do You Need Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery
- Contacts, WhatsApp messages, etc. are missing after iOS update
- Deleted important WhatsApp messages from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
- Lost WhatsApp messages after jailbreak, factory settings reset, etc.
- Sent iDevice to repair and get the repaired device with all WhatsApp chat history missing
- iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is water-damaged, broken, stolen or locked with a forgotten password, can't access WhatsApp messages and contacts on your device
- Old messages on WhatsApp are gone after updating WhatsApp

Retrieve WhatsApp Messages & Contacts from iDevice and iTunes Backup
With Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery, you can recover WhatsApp messages and contacts from both your device and iTunes backup. It's totally free of charge if you recover only WhatsApp messages.
- Recover WhatsApp Messages& Contacts directly from iDevice: Don't have iTunes or iCloud backup? Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery allows you to retrieve WhatsApp messages and contacts from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
- Recover WhatsApp Messages& Contacts from iTunes Backup: Extract and recover WhatsApp chat history and contacts from iTunes backup especially when your iDevice is damaged, lost or/broken, or even when iTunes can't recognize your device.

Preview WhatsApp Messages and Contacts before Recovery
- Preview all WhatsApp texts, photos, videos and contacts one by one to find lost items.
- Saves your time by allowing you to selectively recover WhatsApp messages and contacts.

Export and Transfer WhatsApp Texts, Photos, Videos & Contacts to Computer with Ease
Tenorshare WhatsApp Recovery makes it easy to manage WhatsApp messages, photos, videos & contacts, allowing you to recover deleted ones and export &transfer all chats and contacts to computer.
- Worry about mistakenly deleted useful WhatsApp messages on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? You can transfer all the WhatsApp chat and contacts to computer for backup. The backup is always valid. (WhatsApp only offers a 7-day valid backup.)
- Clearly view exported chats and contacts in 3 formats: .xls, txt and .xlm. Contacts can also be exported to VCF files, which can be easily imported to other devices, like your Android phone. Media files like photos and videos will be exported in their original formats.
- Frequent asked questions and answers are listed on the program interface for reference.
- Transfer and send exported videos and photos with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Версия программы:
Год выпуска: 2015
Оф. сайт: tenorshare.com
Язык интерфейса: Eng
Лекарство: В комплекте
Платформа: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
Размер: 57.3 Mb

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