» » » TweakNow DiskAnalyzer 1.3.0 + Portable

TweakNow DiskAnalyzer 1.3.0 + Portable

TweakNow DiskAnalyzer 1.3.0 + Portable

TweakNow DiskAnalyzer - позволит вам узнать точно какие именно файлы и папки занимают больше всего места на жестком диске. После запуска выбираем нужную букву жесткого диска, далее проводим анализ, по его окончании в наглядном виде можно посмотреть форматы файлы из размер, тоже самое касается и папок. Параллельно можно просмотреть о вашем жестком диске некую полезную информацию.

Your computer might come with one or two terabyte of hard disk capacity. It looks like a lot of space at first, but soon you will realize that even the largest hard disk capacity available today is not enough for you. How is that possible? Computer today is more than just a working device. People use it more for social activity and entertainment than for doing a real job. Not really surprising that within a year or two, most part of your hard disk is already populated by a large number of photos, videos, music, applications, and games collections.

So now you find out that your hard disk drive is almost full and wish to clean it up quickly. The easiest and quickest way is by simply moving several big files to an external drive. Of course, it will only be easy if you know in which folders those big files are stored. But the problem is not all people are keen enough to keep all of their files organized. Most people tend to store files in some random folders and that make finding files location would be a tiresome task and time consuming. This is where a disk usage analyzer application can be very helpful. Applications in this category are designed to analyze hard disk to find out how hard disk space is being used by files and folders.

Introducing our new application called: TweakNow DiskAnalyzer. This application is a free, simple, but more than competent for analyzing files and folders structure on the hard disk.

Easy to understand user interface

We try to make TweakNow DiskAnalyzer’s user interface as simple as possible, so user can use the program right away without reading the documentation first. To start analyzing your hard disk drive, simply select the drive from the menu and click on Scan Drive button. You can also limit the analyzing process to certain folder only. Click on the Scan Folder button to choose folder to analyze or open the drop down menu to quickly analyze common folder, such as: Documents, Music, Pictures, or Video folder.

OC: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Язык интерфейса: ML + EN
Лекарство: Freeware
Год выпуска: 2013
Размер: 3.1/5.1 Mb

TweakNow DiskAnalyzer 1.3.0 + Portable
TweakNow DiskAnalyzer 1.3.0

TweakNow DiskAnalyzer 1.3.0 Portable

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