» » CGCookie - Transformer VFX in Blender (2013) Видеокурс

CGCookie - Transformer VFX in Blender (2013) Видеокурс

CGCookie - Transformer VFX in Blender (2013) Видеокурс

Качество визуальных эффектов в современных фильмах бывает воспроизводится не очень, как хотелось бы. К счастью, VFX Blender. Он может быть использован в качестве профессионального инструмента в визуальном воспроизведении эффектов.

The quality of visual effects in todays movies is nothing short of astounding. Luckily, VFX is not just for the big guys anymore. Blender, with it?s latest developments can be used as a professional tool in the visual effects pipeline.
In this series you?ll learn some key stages in the visual effects pipeline needed to create a transformer shot. We won?t be learning modeling or animating here, but instead focusing on VFX. Using pre-modeled and animated models, you will learn how to integrate them into real world footage for a stunning shot.

Learn this and more:
- This is an extensive course, with ten parts. Here are just a few of the things you?ll be learning:
- Rigid body physics
- Using the Cell-Fracture and Bullet Constraints Tools add-ons
- Particle systems for debris
- Image based lighting
- Compositing shadows and reflections onto the environment
- Renderlayers, renderpasses, and why they are awesome

Год: 2013
Язык: Английский / English
Видео: AVC1 1280x720 30 кадров в секунду | 128 Kbps AAC 48.0 KHz
Жанр: электронное обучение
Размер: 2.48 Gb

CGCookie - Transformer VFX in Blender (2013) Видеокурс

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