In this new those is not technically fine bubble football; it is fun in the heart. The bubble football are the players with air filled large plastikblasen. Bubble soccer offers a new sport and sport.
We provide the bubble soccer to schools and institutions and all kick! In this way, we would like to work together with you to experience the new equipment to collect.

Bubble football offer protection and equal one or the other handicap in coordination, freedom of movement and mobility.
Only to the man on the ball, then the bubble soccer players making the space to the opposing goal, but clear the way in the truest sense of the word.
Well padded, everybody is physical contact to a spectacular event, because coming up and everything that is created is through the thick harmless and is just funny.
The bubble soccer or bubble soccer football berlin is play football in which players in air filled balls in it. Bubble soccer is the new those and is increasingly popular.
Bubble soccer is ideal for corporate events, stag parties, vereinsfeste or birthdays.Can be played on grass or bubble soccer berlin in a gym.
Especially for spectators is bubble soccer fun.
There are 10 balls in place, so that 5 against 5 can play. length is generally 5 minutes and the maximum field should 15×15 meters.